Xenadrine Review- Rapid Fat Burning Pills


What is Xenadrine?

Xenadrine is just another diet supplement that added to the other dozens pills in the market.

It supposed to work as a fat burner that will boost your energy levels and supercharge it s fat burning properties to burn excess calories.

Cytodyne Technologies, the manufactures claims Xenadrine to be the most powerful weight loss formula to help you shed weight quick and effectively.

Xenadrine consist of many ingredients but the primary ingredient is caffeine. This most likely to be only effective part of the pill. The caffeine dosage in its formula is way to high to be effective in weight loss.

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Xenadrine Side-Effects

Caffeine is a strong stimulant so excessive consumption of caffeine can cause some dangerous side effects. The side-effects that exist because of high amounts of caffeine are high blood pressure, headaches, heart disease, and stomach aches.

Should I Buy Xenadrine?

Although, Xenadrine will work to a certain extend by only giving you that massive energy rush at that moment. Once your body becomes accustom to the caffeine that energy effect will no longer be responsive.

Besides, any weight loss that occurs will only be water weight since caffeine also acts as a diuretic. Eventually, with so much caffeine containing in this product, the side effects will soon come along with it.

No valid clinical research has been found for Xenadrine effectiveness in weigh loss.

Despite of everything, The company of Xenadrine has been know for making false claims about the fat burner effectiveness and was under investigation.

Not only this, they also made allegation to employ celebrities and professional athletes to support their product. This alone sends red flags and personally I would not buy anything from them.

Recommended Fat Burner

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Phen375 is FDA approved and made only with pharmacy grade ingredients.

Unlike Xenadrine, Phen375 does not contains any caffeine and most important cause negative side effects.

With Phen375, It is clinically proven to help you lose up to 20 pounds each month in a safe manner or receive your money-back with their 45 day risk-free guarantee.

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