Stackers 3 Diet Pills Review


What is Stacker 3?

Stacker 3 is the latest weight loss generation from NVE Pharmaceuticals. This version is ephedra free, contains chitosan and has 20% more caffeine than the other stacker diet pills.

This product replaces Stacker 2 that contains the currently FDA banned substance of ephedra.

Manufacturer claims that Stacker 3 will heighten your weight loss results by boosting your energy, decreasing the amount of fat intake and burning body’s fat.

We review Stacker 3 diet pills to see if it can help you achieve effective weight loss results.

According to the manufacturer, Stacker 3 is designed for people who want to lose up to 20 pounds, which is considered short-term weight loss. They also stated that Stacker 3 will boost your stamina and energy levels.

Stackers 3 ingredients consist of large sum of caffeine that is double the amount of a cup of coffee in the morning. Along with caffeine, Stacker 3 contains chitosan that stops the fat absorption in the body.

Stackers 3 also include propriety blends such as grapefruit extracts, kola nut seeds, white willow barks and cactus extracts, which is more caffeine blending together.

Stacker 3 Side Effects

The large amount of caffeine included in Stacker 3 can cause adverse side effects such as headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations and an elevated heartbeat.

People who suffer from high blood pressure and heart related problems need to stay away from this product.

Does Stacker 3 Work?

Although, Stacker 3 loaded with caffeine to provide you with energy, just caffeine by itself will not make you lose weight. Chitosan might be an effective ingredient stopping fat absorption but its efficacy is still in question. Proper clinical research has not be tested on this ingredient either.

There is no scientific evidence that indicate Stacker 3 to be safe and effective for weight loss. Furthermore, this product is has not been approved by the FDA.

We do not recommend Stacker 3 because of it dangerous side effects that put you in risk with your health. There is no proof that shows the effectiveness toward losing weight.

Recommended Strongest Fat Burner

The manufacturer cannot even back up their claims for the effectiveness of Stacker 3 diet pills.

The only thing their product proven to do is give a host of side effects that will cause serious health problems, we recommend you to choose Phen375 as an alternative.

The most powerful and safest fat burner that currently on the market is Phen375, a legal FDA approved fat burner made with pharmacy grade ingredients.

Unlike Stacker 3 Diet Pills, Phen375 will burn fat for safe, effective and permanent weight loss.

You are guarantee to lose 2-5lbs a week with Phen375 or receive your money-back with their 45 day risk-free guarantee.

No strict diet regime or exercise program needs to be follow.

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