Sensa Weight Loss System Review

The Sensa Sprinkle Diet


What is Sensa Sprinkle Diet?

Sensa  is a tool for weight loss  with something called tastents as its main feature, that produce  the feeling of a full stomach and satisfaction from  your meal.

The theory is,  if you feel full after a smaller amount of food, you’ll consume  a smaller number of calories and  obviously  less calories  results in  greater weight loss.

The Sensa  weight loss plan  is said to be  the product of 25 year long research and has been tested in a six-month study. The  conclusion  implied that  Sensa as a weight loss aid was successful in promoting weight loss.

According to the Sensa Web site, you can to lose weight without dieting or exercising if you follow the Sensa Weight-Loss System plan. Let’s take a closer look at Sensa Weight-Loss System plan to see if it actually work.

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How Does Sensa Sprinkle Diet Work?

The Sensa weight loss system  involves  dispersing tastents onto your food  before eating. The  ingenuity of  this product  is in the tastents, in different scents and flavors and is supposed to trigger a feeling of being full.

Sensa Weight Loss System Drawbacks and Side Effects

Sensa,  when compared to  some diet supplements,  has a small number of side effects  although the side effects it does have, vary from  stomach cramps, hives and diarrhea  which can be extremely unpleasant.

The main problems with Sensa stem from two aspects of the product:  Insufficient results and  the way Sensa treats customers.

A high number of  consumers have  expressed concern regarding the  unsatisfactory results  after using Sensa as a tool for weight loss.

A few reported  minor weight loss  after using Sensa for a week  however after this they experienced no weight loss in  the following weeks.

Additionally, some users claimed that they had  not lost any weight at all and proclaim that  the Sensa product is a  shameful money making scam.

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Don’t  be Mislead By The Free 30-Day Trial

In addition, Sensa approaches to customer satisfaction  have become a problem. Many customers complain of  being swindled  the free trial offered by Sensa which in actual fact  comes with another product that wasn’t requested  which they bill users for  with the added cost of shipping the extra product.

Sensa delivery problems are also widely reported, with  users despairing of  lengthy delays  even though they were  made to pay for speedy delivery.  The fact that the product arrives late  can affect the free trial as  this trial starts straight away, as soon as you pay,  instead of starting on the day you actually receive the product. In some cases no product has been delivered at all.

Sensa have been accused of making their subscriptions difficult to get out of,  meaning that thousands of users are charged monthly for a product they do not want and cannot be refunded for.

Sensa Sprinkle Diet Pros

  • created by a certified neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsh
  • No food restrictions or control of calorie intake is required

Sensa Sprinkle Diet Cons

  • Not effective for long term weight loss results
  • Expensive weight loss product- $210 for six months supply
  • Not approved by FDA


I do not recommend Sensa Sprinkle Diet for effective weight loss results. It is extremely  unusual when compared to other  weight loss tools on the market and most likely would have been extremely popular…if it actually gave results.

Unfortunately  customers believe that  this weight loss system is a  con and that results are almost non-existent.  When taking into account, these disappointing results with the  despicable rumors about their customer service team and you are left with a service which has  a severe lack of redeemable features. Our advice is to not even consider it.

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