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Discounts Available: 5%

Acai Berry Origin: Brazil Amazon Rain Forest

Money back Guarantee: 6 Months (180 days)-100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Serving Size: 1500 mg per capsules. 3 pills per day.

Cost: From As Little As $30 Per Box

Certificates: CITES, Certificate of Analysis (COA), Annex Certificate

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Lose Weight With Pure Acai Berry Max

Why Choose Acai Berry For Weight Loss?

The latest craze from the weight loss industry and nutrition is acai berry. It grows in the Brazilian rain forests and about the size of grapes.

The native community has been using this berry for hundred of years to boost energy and slow down their aging process.

Acai Berries also known as Super Foods that you take as a supplement to assist you to lose weight. Its effectiveness in helping people reduce weight naturally is one reason for its popularity.

Acai has been around for centuries but has just recently been introduced in the United States. People just realize the energy and health benefits Acai Berry offers.

Many studies have shown that ace berries have an extremely high antioxidant content. The Acai berry is full of omega fats, amino acids, electrolytes, antioxidants, protein and vitamins A, B1 and E.

There are so many acai berry products available in the market in different forms. They all guaranteed to provide you with most benefits out of this incredible fruit harvested in the Amazon forest.

What is Pure Acai Berry Max?

Pure Acai Berry Max is produced from the purest Acai berry; the truth is that’s the only ingredient.

By taking Pure Acai Berry Max you receive 1500mg of Acai Berry, almost double the recommended amount.

Below are the advantages that you’ll get by using Pure Acai Berry Max:

  • Reduce Weight By 1-5lbs Per Week
  • Speed Up Your Metabolism
  • Increased Energy
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Improved General Health

Why Buy Pure Acai Berry Max?

During the drying process the Acai Berry can lose some of its effectiveness if it isn’t FREEZE dried, Pure Acai Berry Max is! Naturally you’ll want to use a fast working product which is of the highest quality, in that case then Pure Acai Berry is perfect for you.

If you did decide to buy Pure Acai Berry Max, you will know that it will be:

  • Contains 100% Organic, FREEZE dried Acai
  • Purest Acai Berry On The Market
  • More Than Double The Recommend Dosage – 1500mg
  • Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Get 5% Discount On Any Order
  • FREE Box On Orders of 4 Months Or More!
  • No rip off “Free Trials”.

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Pure Acai Berry Max Testimonials

Many customers have testified with their results with using Acai Berry Max. Below is a video of how effective Pure Acai Berry is for losing weight from one of thousand satisfied customers.

See What Customers Saying About Acai Berry Max

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Pure Acai Berry Max Side Effects

You will find that many companies mix or add other ingredients to Acai berry supplements such as caffeine, sugar, and whatever else they can think of to get over with.

Not knowing what ingredients have been added to these acai products this will cause serious unwanted side effects to your body and health risks.

If you want to avoid any potential side effects associated with acai the most important thing to buy pure acai berry supplements.

One product that recommended is Pure Acai Berry Max.

The best thing about Pure Acai Berry Max it is 100% natural supplement that made from organic ingredients so therefore no harmful side effects to your health is an issue. It’s totally safe to use and it’s overall health benefits are numerous and wide-ranging. This is why we consider Pure Acai Berry Max the most healthy and natural way to lose weight effectively.

Acai Berry Scams- Beware of Free Acai Berry Trials

Due to high demand and popularity of Acai Berry, many companies of acai berry weight loss supplements offers free trials.

This is the way in which they entice you to become their customer because there is really nothing free about acai berry.

What you do not know that your credit card will be billed automatically after the end of the trial. In order to prevent this from happening, you have to call them prior the end of the free trials to cancel the subscription.

The whole catch they don’t tell you that you require to cancel within 2 weeks. These companies don’t even ship the product until 14 days have gone by. There goes $80-160 charge on your credit card.

Don’t be the next victim and waste your money on these “free trials”. These websites are profiting millions of dollars everyday from scamming people.

PureAcaiBerryMax.com do not have any subscriptions, autoship, autobill or autopay plans.

ALL orders are ONE TIME PAYMENT only

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Pure Acai Berry Max Price

At a very competitive cost, you receive a top quality Acai berry product.  It can be up to you as to the amount you purchase, you can get 1 box or an entire 6 month supply.  Would you prefer a free box? On orders of 4 months or more they provide you with an extra one FREE.

To help save you money, the more you purchase the less expensive the boxes do become individually.   Therefore you will save money purchasing a 6 month supply, rather than buying one per month.



Price Per Box

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