Capsiplex Plus Review


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Over a year ago, the original popular Capsiplex weight loss pill also known as the red-hot chili diet was launched into the UK weight loss market.

In just 3 days of being release, Capsiplex was sold out after selling over 50,000 units. The media was crazy over this slimming pill with headlines in magazines, newspapers and websites calling Capsiplex the NHS wonder pill!

With a string of celebrity endorsements along with thousands of customer testimonials and feedback throughout the year, Capsiplex definitely became one of the leading slimming pills in the UK, USA and Europe.

Capsiplex Plus is even better! You are guaranteed to lose weight easier and even faster.

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What Is Capsiplex Plus?

Capsiplex Plus is the latest brand new version of the original popular Capsiplex fat burner.

After tremendous success of Capsiplex, Advanced Health LTD created a new, even stronger fat burner with incredible advantages and weight loss at faster rate.

Capsiplex Plus consists of advanced formula so powerful that will not only give you the ultimate weight loss benefits but also give dieters the opportunity to encounter better sleep, enhanced mood, improved memory and rapid weight loss.

What Makes Capsiplex Plus So Exclusive?

Capsiplex plus formula is still the same as in the original capsiplex. Nothing change! The only difference is Capsiplex Plus contains two additional clinical proven ingredients has been added to take weight loss to even higher level.

Capsiplex Plus takes a completely new technique toward weight loss.  It starts off by boosting your metabolism so you can burn up to 278 calories daily along with curbing your appetite.

Next, it helps you with the emotional and mental aspects when losing weight. It includes the active ingredient 5-htp that responsible for enhancing your mood, memory and sleep while in the process of losing weight.

Bioperine is the other clinically proven ingredient added for better absorption and enhancement in weight loss.

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Capsiplex Plus Benefits

  • Burn 278 calories daily
  • #1 celebrity slimming pill
  • Zero size effects
  • Addition of 5htp and Bioperine
  • Elevates your mood
  • Improved Sleep
  • Boost metabolism and suppress your appetite
  • Worldwide shipping

Capsiplex Plus Side Effects

Unlike many other weight loss supplements, Capsiplex is made of all-natural ingredients so you will not experience any side effects.

Special Capsiplex Plus Promotions

The lowest price and special promotion available is buying the 7 month package. This gives you 7X  Capsiplex Plus and 2 C-Plex60 (a natural carb blocker).

The total price for this special discounted package is £214.95 – Incredible deal with Massive Savings!

Where to Buy Capsiplex Plus?

Unfortunately, there is not a high street store outlet where you can buy Capsiplex Plus. Boots, Holland and Barrett, Superdrug may become stockiest in the near future.

Capsiplex Plus is only available to buy from its official website No prescription is needed to purchase these slimming pills.

One-month supply costs £42.99 ($54.90) and there are special deals and offers that will give you massive savings when you order multiple months supply.

Capsiplex Plus comes with a full money back guarantee and there is absolutely no risk involved when you purchase Capsiplex Plus. Start your 2012 new year’s weight loss resolution with Capsiplex Plus and start losing up to 5lbs a week quickly!