Metabofire Weight loss Review

Maximum Strength Fat Burner


What is Metabofire Fat Burner?

Metabofire is marketed as a ”Maximum strength fat burner” with the slogan “Set your metabolism on fire” that suppose to work almost instantly within taking it.

It is a over the counter diet supplement that the manufacturer claims to give you a powerful metabolism boost that will set your energy on fire to burn fat all day long.

This product claims to suppress your appetite and burn calories 24 hours a day, even while you sleeping.

To good to be true! We review metabofire to see if it can achieve these such weight loss claims without any side effects.

The most key ingredients in Metabofire are bitter orange extract and Korean Ginseng extract, and green tea extract, which are stimulants. However, these ingredients combined shows little to no effect on suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism.

In addition, caffeine is also one of the known ingredients in Metabofire. Even though caffeine is recognized for the ability to increase energy levels. Weight loss can not be achieve from just this single ingredient only.

With caffeine, it only act as a energy stimulant for temporary then after awhile your body become immune to the stimulation. Therefore, no more weight loss will be achieved but only pounds to gain back.

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Metabofire Side-Effects

Now the company does not list any side effects when taking this product. If you didn’t know excessive amounts of caffeine can result in numerous heart related problems such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, palpitations and fluctuation blood sugar levels.

Another important factor, we did a research on bitter orange extract to find that it made with synephrine , which is only a substitute to the banned drug ephedra.It is also known for it connection to heart attacks and strokes.

Does Metabofire Work?

We do not recommend MetaboFire for a safe and effective way to lose weight. This product is most likely to cause side effects than anything else.

There is no weight loss benefits gain from using Metabofire. The combination of these ingredients is not clinically proven to back up such claims that with suppress your appetite or set your metabolic rate on fire.

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