Innov Patch Review

Combat Stubborn Fat With Weight Loss Patch


Innov Patch is a weight loss product made by Phytolabel to help combat those stubborn areas of fat.

You just put the waterproof patch in a discreet area and replace every two days.

Slimming patches is the latest dieting trend to deliver fast weight loss results.

We review Innov Patch to see if it actually works!

What are Innov Patches?

According to the manufacturer, Innov Patch can help you lose up to 6.6 pounds weekly without changing your lifestyle.

Phytolabel also promise that wearing the patch can suppress you appetite along with boosting your metabolism so you can burn more calories.

What so appealing with Innov Patch the manufacturer insists you can aim at whatever area you trying to shed pounds off by applying the patch on.

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Innvo Patch Ingredients

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not disclose any ingredient information about this weight loss patch.

Instead, the company only pinpoint the product as containing natural plant extracts in each patch.

Innov Patch Side Effects

You may experience discomfort or pain due to skin rash caused by the patches.

No severe side effects have been reported with this product. Many consumers have been very disappointed upon using Innov Patch

Does Innov Patch Work?

Overall, the Innov Patch is rather unique and interesting with its claims toward weight loss.

The manufacturer over exaggerated with the claim you can target a specific area by placing the patch there.

The official website fails to disclose list of ingredients or provide consumers with clinical studies showing the effectiveness of Innov Patch Work. Why should believe any claims without any proof?

We do not recommend the Innov Patch as an effective weight loss aid. There are other weight loss patches on the market like Slim Weight Patch that are clinically proven, show you its ingredients and give guaranteed weight loss results.

Recommended Weight Loss Patch

The Slim Weight Patch is the most potent, natural and clinically tested weight loss patch on the market.

It contains a proven formula of ingredients that is taking into the bloodstream with the latest advanced trans-dermal technology.

Unlike Innov Patch, Slim Weight Patch can back up their weight loss claims by using powerful ingredients that has been clinical tested by numerous trials.

The Slim Weight Patch guaranteed easy weight loss without any efforts and shown users can lose an average of 2-4 pounds weekly.

The manufacturer wants you to be completely satisfied with their product, so they offer a full 180-day money-back guarantee with each purchase. 

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