Hydroxycut Hardcore Review

Does Hydroxycut Hardcore work as promised?

Warning- The popular weight loss supplement Hydroxycut and its series of products had been banned and recall by FDA since 2009 due to reports of liver damage and other health problems. Lawsuits are being pursued for anyone who has experienced problems caused by Hydroxycut weight-loss products.


What is Hydroxycut Hardcore?

Hydroxycut hardcore is a pill to burn fat in the form of “liquitech capsules” and one of the most popular diet pills on the market today.

This fat burner helps to get rid of excess fat, to aid losing weight by using several ingredients, which are used for their fat burning and metabolism boosting properties.

This fat burner can be purchased, from many Internet retailers and is well like by body builders. Hydroxycut Hardcore is the most powerful fat burner according to manufacturer claims. It is part of the long line of Hydroxycut products and labeled as “hardcore” because it is loaded with caffeine.

How does Hydroxycut Hardcore work?

This product works on the concept of thermogenics fat burning results. It boosts your metabolism for the main purpose of increasing your level of energy to increase the amount of fat you burn. It acts as an appetite suppressant to help dieters reduce their daily calorie intake. In short, it helps you eat less and eliminates the sluggish feeling often associated with it.

Hydroxycut Hardcore ingredients

Each capsule contains a blend of:

  • Adenoclene:  Consists of Yerba mate and Guarana and is a stimulant.
  • Lipidrol:  Type of caffeine, chosen for its stimulant effects.
  • Norepididrive: Contains Damiana which stimulates digestion and acts as an aphrodisiac.
  • Capsicore: Contains Cayenne which is used for its stimulant and metabolism boosting properties.

Hydroxycut Hardcore suggests that this selection of ingredients, burns away fat in the body.  Because the capsules are liquid, this will help Hydroxycut Hardcore to be absorbed straight away as the body finds it easier to absorb them.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Side Effects

Adverse reactions are representative of similar stimulant based medications and can consist of:

  • Difficulty in focusing on tasks
  • Respiratory problems
  • Higher frequency bowel movements in abnormal colors
  • Extreme vomiting
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Seizures
  • Increased perspiration
  • Migraine
  • Uneasiness
  • Loss of appetite

The FDA also issued a warning to consumers to stop using Hydroxycut merchandise immediately!


Firstly, it is clear that people that are already affected by a sensitivity to caffeine must not be considering this drug or any similar diet pills, because taking Hydroxycut Hardcore may cause adverse reactions, which could be relatively mild, such as a headaches and in some cases, may even result in users having breathing difficulties or heart complications.

An additional side effect that has been mentioned frequently in consumer reviews has been the change in stool color that tends to range from purple or red and can shocking to users.

A number of Hydroxycut Hardcore users have reported that they didn’t achieve the results they were expecting and had almost no weight decrease by the end of the treatment which should have customers assessing if the Hydroxycut Hardcore actually works.  It must also be noted that physical activity is very important when using this product to result in any effect on users weight.

Do We Recommend Hydroxycut Hardcore?

We do not recommend Hydroxycut Hardore as an effective weight loss product but rather a scam. In summary, as a weight loss product, Hydroxycut Hardcore could be classed as rather mediocre, with below average results in weight loss and an extensive number of unwanted effects.

Users may see improved benefits by following a calorie-controlled meal accompanied by an adequate exercise regime. This may not only eliminate the issue of unwanted effects but would also eliminate the problem of the expense of weight loss pills.

It is recommended that customers must seek their doctor’s advice commencing with any weight loss program, particularly if the regime involves pills such as Hydroxycut Hardcore.

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