Fucothin Review-Fucoxanthin For Weight Loss


What is Fucothin?

The manufacturer of wide range of nutritional supplements called Garden of Life, produces Fucothin a diet supplement for weight loss.

We review Fucothin to see if this diet supplement is really effective in weight loss.

Fucothin is made up of only two ingredients, fucoxanthin that comes from brown seaweed and pomegranate seed oil a source of fatty acids that needed to assist in thermogenesis.

These ingredients of fucothin combine is supposedly promotes weight loss by creating a thermogenesis effect by boosting metabolism and help your body burn fat without any stimulants.

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Fucothin Side-Effects?

It is a true fact that seaweed is rich in iodine and too much consumption can lead to iodine poisoning. Extreme levels of iodine can prevent the thyroid gland to function properly. Individuals who suffer from thyroid conditions must refrain from using this product.

Fucoxanthin can also reduce insulin and blood glucose levels. This product needs to be use with caution or anything that may contain this ingredient that has hypoglycemia should beware. No negative side effects has been shown with pomegranate seed oil unless otherwise allergic to it.

Does Fucothin Work?

Thermogenesis is a method of increasing the body’s ability to burn extra fat instead of reducing your daily energy.

Regardless of such claims, there have not been any clinical studies in humans with fucoxanthin.

Therefore, no evidence can back the claims that it can support any thermogenic effect. Even with pomegranate seed oil no substantial evidence shows that it boosts metabolism.

The manufacturer makes it clear that weight loss results will not show until about eight weeks. The only way you may see any results it you take Fucothin along with proper diet any exercise.

Alternative Weight Loss For Fucothin

Although Fucothin is an all natural supplement, we do not recommend it to be extremely effective for weight loss.

The company Garden of Life does not reveal  evidence that this product will incredibly melt away fat and promote weight loss. The main point is that not enough independent  research has been done on Fucoxanthin.

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