Chitosan Fat Blocker Review- Fiber Supplement


What is Chitosan?

Chitosan is a natural supplement derived from shellfish such as shrimps, crabs and lobsters. It has been around for a long time but now promoted as weight loss product.

It is a highly popular ingredient found in most weight loss products that claims to be effective for weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels.

Many diet pill manufacturers promote Chitosan as fat binder, fat trapper, fat absorber and fat blocker.

Chitosan works more like a fiber supplement that suppose to absorb 3 to 6 times its weight in fat and oil.

The unique fiber has been shown to binds to dietary fats before they can be digested and absorbed into the body.

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Chitosan Side Effects

There are no reported side effects of chitosan as long as you don’t have shellfish allergies. Individuals who are allergy to seafood should stay away from any products that contain this ingredient because they will have a negative reaction to it. These symptoms can include skin rash, breathing problems and swelling.

In addition, Chitosan can prevent absorption of essential vitamins and minerals due to the fact of its ability to bind fat. Pregnant women in particular are advised not to use chitosan because nutrients as vitamins A and D along with calcium that are needed for the growing fetus will not properly be absorbed.

Does Chitosan Work?

There is not enough scientific evidence that support the claims on Chitosan to be safe and effective weight loss supplement.

The only clinical testing that was conducted was on animals-Not once on humans! Even though, the animal testing show a little of weight loss results, it still wasn’t proof that the weight reduction was done by Chitosan. All we know, the animals could of shed weight from not eating as much.

Based on the weight loss results reveal on the animals, manufacturers was quick to marketed Chitosan as a weight loss supplement for humans without any evidence to back up it claim.

Currently, Chitosan is still not FDA approved supplement. It is still used today an active component in many weight loss supplements on the market to stop the absorption of fat.

Don’t be fooled, majority of these claims is all base upon media hyped to make this some type of miracle weight loss supplement.

We do not recommend Chitosan to be an effective weight loss product.

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