Adapexin-P Diet Pill Review-Lose 20 Pounds in 28 Days 


There are so many diet pills on the market that make bold claims for extremely fast weight loss.

Adapexin is one of the numerous weight loss pills that promise to burn fat rapidly along with powerful appetite properties.

According to the manufacturer, Adapexin-P is the “Best Diet Pill of 2011″!

Adapexin-P claims dieters can lose maximum of 20 pounds in little as 28 days.

The company insists that each ingredient is clinically proven with the right amount to assist in losing weight quickly. Their product even comes with lifetime money back guarantee.

Regardless of the outrageous claims, Adapexin-P has still been featured on different diet sites as the #1 fat burner.

What are the real facts about Adapexin-P? We decided to do our extensive review of this product to see if it really works.

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What is Adapexin-P Diet Pill?

Adapexin is manufactured by an unknown U.S company. There are not any contact details listed on the official web site but a simple web form to contact them about their product

Adapexin-P is designed for both genders that target weight loss by decreasing body fat, suppressing appetite, and boosting metabolism.

The active ingredient compose in Adapexin-P is 37.5 mg of Phenylethlamine or PEA. It is considered like a mood booster that use curb hunger pangs and increase weight loss.

Adapexin-P Diet Pill Side Effects

No adverse has been reported on the official website. Despite the fact, this product contains stimulants such as high amounts of caffeine. 

You may experience heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety and headaches. Stay away from this product if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Do we recommend Adapexin-P Diet Pill?.

The manufacturer stated that the mixture of Phenylethamine and caffeine would boost up the body’s fat burning process while also curbing the appetite. It sounds good but actually there is no clinical evidence that back up this theory.

Shedding a lot of pounds in just a short period of time is not recommended at all.

Adapexin-P promises weight loss between 10 lbs to 20 lbs in less than a month. 8 clinically proven ingredients and life long money back guarantee. I can see exactly why so many individuals giving this product a try.

You might waste your money on Adapexin-p but you sure waste your time with something that will not give you the results you expected. 

There are few other diet supplements on the market that actually work that delivers effective weight loss results such as Phen375. With Phen375,You can maintain a healthy weight loss of 5 pounds per week.

Best Alternative To Adapexin-P Diet Pills

The most powerful and safest fat burner that currently on the market is Phen375, a legal FDA approved fat burner made with pharmacy grade ingredients.

Unlike Adapexin-P, Phen375 will burn fat for safe, effective and long-term weight loss.

You are guarantee to lose 3-5lbs a week with Phen375 or receive your money-back with their 45 day risk-free guarantee.

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