Accuslim Diet Pill Review

Learn the Truth About Accuslim Slimming Pills


What Is Accuslim Diet Pill?

This so-called fat Burner supplement may perhaps be discovered in drug stores, supermarkets, health food stores and on the web.

Even though it doesn’t warrant the “do not use” label from reviewers being a clearly-documented hazardous substance.

Accuslim Accuslim Diet Pill

Do have three major issues associated with its use:

  • It has really unpleasant secondary effects,
  • It doesn’t work being a fat loss aid
  • Its advertising contains false and misleading claims


Accuslim, inside the manufacturer’s verbal hype, is billed as the “super sexy diet plan pill” and is obviously aimed at women who would love to associate themselves with being both super and sexy. It’s advertising also claims that the elements in Accuslim are somehow an entirely new discovery. These two claims make Accuslim a powerful draw for younger women who are only too happy to plunk down their cash and credit cards to obtain an alluring look via some new diet plan breakthrough, and who are really unlikely to either read the bottle label or research the elements.

The Truth About  Accuslim Slimming Pills

The facts are that the elements in Accuslim are anything but new. “Citrus Arurantium” is merely the fruit of a citrus tree – usually referred to as bitter orange – that is commonly employed as orange flower perfume bases, flavorings, being a central nervous system stimulant and as an appetite suppressant. Accuslim’s formula is similar to quite a few other fat loss supplements that crammed the shelves after the FDA banned the sale of products that contained the hazardous stimulant drug, ephedra (ephedrine).

Accuslim may perhaps be “ephedra free” as it claims, but so is every single other over-the-counter fat loss supplement given that ephedra has been illegal inside the US for a decade – hardly a brand new development! Formulas containing bitter orange, nevertheless, also trigger FDA concerns simply because of its tendency to trigger potentially serious secondary effects and simply because of its lack of true effectiveness, despite manufacturers’ claims. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine’s 2008 review, bitter orange has NOT been proven to become safer for use being a diet plan aid than ephedra, nor is there any clinical evidence that show it’s effective in fat loss.

Reading Accuslim’s label may perhaps convince unsuspecting potential buyers simply because of its list of exotic herbal elements like green tea, rosea, vanadium, ginseng, eleuthero, and garcinia. The truth is that all of these elements combined inside the suggested dose of 1-3 tablets prior to meals contain much more caffeine than is generally considered to become safe simply because of its stimulant and addictive traits. Heavy coffee drinkers are particularly aware of caffeine’s really unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that are identical to the addictive drugs amphetamine and methamphetamine!

Accuslim’s  Accuslim Diet Pill side effects include:

  • Nervousness, restlessness
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Irritability
  • Stomach cramps
  • Dizziness

It’s effortless to summarize the issues associated with Accuslim: It doesn’t aid users lose fat, but it does make them feel bad. Why bother when you will discover choice solutions obtainable as fat loss supplements that actually work, and that contain no harmful or uncomfortable secondary effects?

Conclusion-Should I Buy Accuslim Slimming Pills?

Save your Money!

Chief among those solutions is Phen375! Reviewers consistently report that Phen375 is safe and effective being a fat loss aid and produces NO negative side effects.

Unlike Accuslim, Phen375 actually is a new fat loss breakthrough that has been release on the web marketplace in 2009.

Phen375 has earned testimonials from users along with a remarkably high re-order rate.

It contains no caffeine and is made from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in FDA-approved laboratories. The manufacturers make no false or misleading claims about its all-natural contents and their effects.

Clearly, Phen375 is the ideal, safest, and most effective options to aid dieters obtain their fat loss goals.

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