Accelis Diet Pill Review

What is Accelis Diet Pill?

Accelis is a diet pills that claims to be an incredible new way to help you lose weight rapidly that was manufacture by Iovate Health Sciences Research, Inc.

It is stated that it can help you shed up to ten pounds fast with this clinically proven and patented weight –loss ingredient in a soft gel delivery system. All you need to do is take two easy to swallow stimulant-free capsules of Accelis daily.

Don’t believe the hype too good to be true. Let take a closer look of Accelis diet pills. Do Accelis diet pills actually work?

Accelis Diet Pill Ingredients

The actually key ingredient in Accelis is a natural substance called “corosolic acid” which is originally comes from a plant species called Lagerstroemia speciosa that has been used for generations to assist in controlling blood sugars levels. The glucose is transfer to your muscles instead of fat cells. In Accelis, this key ingredient is clinically proven to help you reach your weight-loss objectives but Accelis diet pills are only made up of 3% corosolic acid.

The other ingredients are made up primarily of tea extracts that have no relation to weight loss because they use decaffeinated versions of Green Tea, Oolong Tea and White Tea.  The reason teas actually promote weight loss is because of their caffeine content that Accelis obviously doesn’t have.

Accelis Diet Pill Side effects

There is not much information available about the harsh side effects because Accelis has not actually been studied. Some of the reported side effects based on some of the individual users of Accelis include: nausea, bloating, vomiting, indigestion, heartburn, dizziness, and drowsiness.  Some serious Accelis side effects that may require medical attention include are an irregular heart rhythm, loss of consciousness, and signs of an allergic reaction

Is Accelis Clinical Proven?

There has not been any clinical studies or testimonials found on their website that proves that this diet pill really works toward weight loss. The main ingredient corosolic acid has one reference to studies that have been done but the details of the study are still in question.

Accelis Conclusion

Accelis is not recommended if there no evidence regarding its effectiveness.

There is no conclusive research that shows that any of the ingredients in the diet pill are effective. The one exception of corosolic acid doesn’t count because there isn’t enough present in Accelis to help with weight loss plans.

Accelis does not have the right ingredients or anything else in general to promote greater results and we would definitely recommend that you use something that will actually help you lose weight.

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